NEWS * 2017 THE BITTER TEARS OF PETRA VON KANT Isabelle Mann has the first reading rehearsal with the director Hans Hirschmüller for Rainer Werner Fassbinders “The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant” playing Petra von Kant. FLATLINER - SHORT FILM WITH ISABELLE MANN Isabelle Mann is on location filming the feature film "Flatliner" directed by Julian Richberg. NEW PHOTO SHOOTING WITH ISABELLE MANN The new pictures of actress Isabelle Mann from the unique photographer Sylke Gall and the wonderful make-up artist Sabin Bolignini are online! HELLO AU REVOIR Isabelle Mann has been cast for the very unique and groundbreaking international Feature Film 'Hello Au Revoir' directed by Jason Croot. COACHING COMPANY BERLIN - ACADEMY FOR FILM, THEATRE AND COMMUNICATION Isabelle Mann participates in a training at the Coaching Com- pany Berlin in film, editing and marketing starting July 2017. MOTION PICTURE 37 The motion picture 37 directed by Chris Brügge with Isabelle Mann will be shown in the German cinemas. The movie will be released by the distributer Claudia Oettrich agency Filmperlen. More information will follow soon.
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